This month I…

  • Started to love my bouncy swing even though I can’t bounce.
  • Played on a baby swing, slide, n dinosaur at the park!
  • Swam for the first time and LOVE it!!
  • Went to the Pittsburgh fireworks for the 4th and barely cried!
  • Met steeley mcbeam.
  • Went to gamma’s family reunion and met lots more family.
  • Went on a pontoon and HATED it.
  • Pulls up on everything
  • Claps!!
  • Pincher grip on puffs and green beans
  • Playdate with Layla (a week older than her) and Sami (who I met at a baby class before Bear was born)
  • Swam in the Lake (Arthur) at Moraine and LOVED it.
  • Everyone is still madly in love with her everywhere we go!