It’s finally happened!!

Sunday night the contractions started but when I went to the hospital, Mom Stephanie and Tess in tow, the nurses said I was only 1 finger tip dilated and sent me home. Steph stayed with me over night to keep an eye out and the contractions kept coming.  By the time I tried to sleep it was everywhere between 9 and 3 minutes apart and NON-STOP. Got NO sleep. Then in the morning things finally started getting consistent. By 10:00 we were back at the hospital with contractions every 3-5 minutes for almost 2 hours! When they checked me I was 3-4 inches so we knew it was go time!!

By 1:09 Brookie was here!!! No epidural but I did get Stadal in my IV and as soon as I did I was in a sleep-like state and nature took over. Stephanie and Mom kept telling me how great I was doing as I powered thru all those contractions and flew thru the dilation… things were just flying by. Dr Saunders came by and broke my water but couldn’t stay for the delivery. Dr Dunphy came to take over and a couple med students watched the whole thing (their first birth!).  My sister arrived just in time for pushing so Stephanie offered to switch out with her and waited in the waiting room. Pushing was HARD. I could tell when I was doing it right but couldn’t figure out how to make myself do that.  Pushed for 40 minutes and she was here! At one point I thought I couldn’t do it anymore and kinda just stopped and the nurses pushed my mom and sister out of the way and took over helping me thru it. I could see mom and Jeanette start crying so I knew they could see her! Had a third degree episiotomy and even broke blood vessels in my face and neck from all that hard work! So as I was getting stitched up after Brookie was cleaned up my mom, sister, AND Grandma all got to hold her before I did! I was definitely getting pissy and impatient about that! But she was here…. and she’s perfect! [more to come…]