20150729_182905We went last Wednesday to the library to get our final sticker in our 1000 books but unfortunately the library had closed early for some event at another location and that’s the only night during the week that they are open late. So we got to go back today with Grandma in tow and get our sticker.  She got her choice of Kindergarten books hut they ended up giving her both because they said (sadly) she’s one of about two kids who are participating in the program at that library.  I rave about this program all the time.   I really believe our reading has helped her vocabulary immensely and she wouldn’t speak nearly as amazingly as she does if we didn’t read so much.  After sticker time Grandma bought us ice cream and food at Dairy Queen to celebrate!!

July 28th, 2015Potty Training

My little is getting so big.  She has finally decided that she’s ready to use the potty.  She hasn’t worn a diaper since last Monday and has successfully been dry ALL DAY at daycare and even over night. She’s had some accidents here and there but usually saves them for at home so we are working on enforcing regular potty breaks even when watching a movie or doing something else fun.  She’s very good at pulling her undies up and down and emptying her little potty into the big potty!!   Mama’s baby is getting sooooo big !!

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