I have really been slacking on this lately… I promise to catch up someday!

This one will be a little different now till I catch back up.

Brookie is sooo smart – I swear she is saying new words every day and everyone at daycare keeps saying how advanced she is. Her newest words that I’ve seen are “Spots” “shoes” “Be nice” (bice) and “Cheese!”. She can point out her nose, mouth, eyes, toes, head and belly and says “Please” in sign language (among other things I’m sure). She’s up to 24.5lbs and 30.5in at her last checkup but didn’t get her shots because she has her first ear infection (almost a double) – thankfully she REALLY likes her bubblegum antibiotic because she is a strong feisty little girl and it’s hard to get her to do anything she doesn’t want to, ESPECIALLY when it comes to medicines! She is a GREAT eater. Can’t really think of a thing she doesn’t like to eat, though of course she always has her moods. Her favorite is whatever we’re eating because she ALWAYS needs a taste. At daycare they said she was the only one who ate the tuna the one day and that she’s pretty much always the last to finish eating and starts eating really fast when she sees them start to clean up some of the other kids like she’s afraid they’re going to take it away from her too. I’ve definitely seen her go to town on some rice lately! I’m glad she’s like this because I’ve always been called a “picky eater” and it’s annoying when people always think I’m too difficult just because I like what I like. Hopefully she won’t ever have to deal with that.

She’s up to about 11 teeth now – has all four fronts on top and bottom and at least one back top on each side and one on the bottom back too. I say at least because it’s hard to see in there and she gets teeth out of nowhere things could have changed! She likes to brush them though she mostly just chews on the toothbrush or eats the yummy toothpaste when I put it on there. She likes to be a part of my morning routine though and even lets me blow dry her hair sometimes (which STILL isn’t really growing much). She’s even gotten pretty good at the potty. She pees and poops on it almost every time we put her on, especially right before her baths. And I swear one day she was even telling me when she needed to go. Had a couple days in a row where she wanted to poop on it every morning and now she’s back to saying “no” and I don’t like to push her or scare her away from it. She LOVES that word no, she just doesn’t use it right since most of the time she says it when she really means yes. She will SAY “yes” if we ask her to but she doesn’t use it but she throws “No” around like it’s her name!

Brookie is truly loved. She has three little boyfriends at daycare and her besties. They literally cheer “book book” when she gets there in the morning and come RUNNING to give her hugs. She looks funny sometimes when she stands there while being hugged, but sometimes she gets a little overwhelmed with it all! I think she was doing a little flirting one morning too because she would push one of her little boyfriends then CRACK UP and runaway!

She’s gotten really sweet at home too. Sometimes she just keeps on giving kisses for no reason. And she’s always more than willing to throw a hug Mew’s way that’s for sure! Lately she’s been trying to do fish lips that I’ve shown her and it’s the cutest thing when she does it, just cracks me up! More like duck face than anything but it’s adorable and funny on a baby! I just love seeing how much she tries when she wants to learn something new. On one of her daycare sheets this week it said they were doing a Simon Says type game to work on their motor skills and that she was trying REALLY hard to jump! I can only imagine how cute that was!! But she’s oh-so-clumbsy so I’m sure that’s gonna be even worse when she masters THAT new skill!

She loves books and already has some favorites we have to hide from her because we have them memorized and she STILL wants to hear them over and over! She’s also been obsessed with putting on shoes, everyone’s shoes! Especially boots which have made for some cute moments! She put one of her own shoes on all by herself the other weekend! Was sooo proud! Another recent obsession has been with her shape block cube. She LOVES to take the circle out and then fit it in the circle hole first try every time and cheers when she does it! She will do this over and over as long as you let her! and sometimes she even does some of the other shapes. Other good ones for her are the rectangle and the smiley face mouth.

Sometimes she will point for her big legos but she only likes to put them back in the container. Even at daycare she will clean up toys and help put them away. And she has play cleaning supplies and makes the sound effects while she helps “wipe up messes” – she sometimes helps out with some real messes that she makes and even has been known to wipe her face when she gets food on it. Speaking of which – she can now feed herself entire bowls of food (sometimes with very little mess depending on the food!) but still likes for us to be on hand to help – or at least just to cheer her on!