This month Bear…

    • Got to have the Sock Monkey most of the day this month-a-versary. She LOVES him. Got to play with him at the park and swing and she was just so happy!

    • Went to her first Pumpkin Patch at Janowski’s with Mom, Dad, Stephanie and her kids. Had fun looking at everything and it was a BEAUTIFUL day.

    • Had a Pittsburgh Stay-Cation for RADical days. Went to the Children’s Museum where she LOVED the waterplay floor (but not so much the blowers to dry off afterwards!) and had a lot of fun at some of the other exhibits like the Ball room and the Monstroscopy exhibit. Stopped by the Giant Duck who she LOVED so much it was hard for her to face us and pay attention for pictures. Then we went to the Science Center and it she had fun especially on the giant Dinosaur outside and looking out the windows overlooking the city.

    • Great Grandpa Kertesz came to visit from Florida and they finally got to meet. She cried most of the time and was super mommy clingy but she warmed up to him a little through some Peek-a-boo and trying to play with the remotes.

    • Went to her buddy Zach’s first birthday party and almost tried to run off with his new Cars riding car. Had a blast playing with a pinwheel as well.

    • Went to Yeck’s Farms on another gorgeous day and was in love with the Ghost Pumpkins and a huge fan of the white signs that had the prices for all the pumpkins. Got lots of super cute pictures (and a little suntan too!)

    • Now up to 4 teefers!! Two on top from before and two new ones on the bottom this month!

    • New fun thing with daddy – brushing his hair with her brush in the morning while he gets her changed and dressed for the day!

    • Really enjoys self feeding in her tiny highchair from Grandma. Absolutely LOVED slurping up Pasta Roni Angel hair and Herbs and making a huge mess of herself pretty much every time she eats!

    • Has started pointing and saying “dis” and “dat” though she points at EVERYTHING so it’s hard to narrow down what she wants.

    • Finally learned to change direction and get around obstacles when she’s walking with walking toys now!

    • Went to Soergel’s but didn’t get to do too many of the activities. She loved the puffs in the gift bag and got to meet a really huge Horse who wanted to (playfully) eat her face! The pumpkin patch was beautiful and even had sunflowers but it was really cold out so we didn’t get the best pictures. (Have to go much earlier next year) She did enjoy trying to eat Pumpkin pieces while Mommy and Jamie P carved pumpkins back at home.

    • Bonding a lot more with daddy lately – Loves to watch sports and clap with him and even mimics him sitting on the couch with his arms behind his head and stuff.

    • She bit a friend at daycare this month :0( in a scuffle over a toy. Tried to bite mommy over a mail scale she was trying to put away at home too.