August 26th, 20139 months!!

This month Bear…

    • went to Living Treasures to see the animals. Goats tried to eat her clothes! LOL
    • went to Idlewild and she LOVED the wavepool! Almost fell asleep in there floating in her life preserver! Rode her first carousel with Daddy and he said she was confused about it moving up and down. We missed Storytime Forest cuz we spent so much time at SoakZone so wecan’t wait to go back next year when she’ll be able to do A LOT more.
    • likes to try and put ALL the puffs in her mouth at the same time. Even the bigger waffle wheel ones! I try and break them up for her to stop her.
    • started “real” crawling instead of her army crawl. But she still would rather be standing and has mastered pulling herself up on just about anything she can get her paws on! She can even cruise a little holding on to the couch!!
    • went camping in the backyard in a tent with mommy and daddy for the first time. She was FACINATED with looking out the windows.
    • has started dancing by rocking with her arms and belly and it’s just about the cutest thing ever!! She especially likes Rockin Robin on her musical push toy but dances to other kid songs and also a little to our music as well!
    • has gotten Binky Envy at daycare
    • finally got her play yard castle at the house now so we have something for her to crawl all over now and she will definitely love it more when she starts walking.
    • got her first “tattoos” (Airbrush!) at the Daycare picnic, even one matching Mommy’s bee on her wrist!
    • went to Hookstown Fair and saw more animals! But didn’t get to ride anything cuz she’s too little :0(
    • tried little bites of ice cream/Rita’s frozen ice but pushes them out like it’s the worst thing ever. We don’t think she likes the coldness of it.

August 8th, 2013Binky Envy

A few weeks ago I saw a binky in my daughter’s locker at daycare with her name written on it in sharpie. It wasn’t the “emergency binky” I sent in for her that they said she never needs but I didn’t want to be “that mom” and say anything. But I think now I’ve finally figured it out!

She’s a binky bandit!! :0(  The past couple mornings I’ve seen her in the act.

Yesterday when her BFF Raylee was absent, Little Aiden came to greet her as I put away her cloth diapers in her locker. She proceeded to grab the binky straight out of his little mouth while he was sucking it! Then he took it back and SHE DID IT AGAIN! Finally he got it back and ran crawled away as fast as he could!


I didn’t really think anything of it, thought it was a onetime occurrence, until it happened again today. This time her and Raylee were taking a book and my keys away from each other back and forth when little Aiden came by. She reached over and knocked that binky right out of his mouth! I returned it and then she went for Raylee’s!

20130808_082733Mommy why did you give it back?!

I snapped her up, started our goodbye snuggles and took her over to sit with the rest of her friends. Sat her down in a free space next to one of the newer babies happily reclining in his boppy pod when Miss Mary Kay held in his binky and exclaimed “I know what you’re gonna do!”

My little lady has binky envy =(
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