May 29th, 20136 month Photo Shoot

I was lucky enough to come in contact with Melissa Prechtl through Moms and More of Robinson, a Meetup Group in our area. She’s an excellent photographer and offered the mom’s in the group an awesome deal on a photo shoot so she can update her portfolio. It took a few months for us to finally figure out a good time to meet up but it was perfect timing as Bear has just turned 6 months!!

We met at an outdoor location of my choosing, Moon Park pond! Missy scouted out the area a few days earlier to get some ideas for perfect placement, especially since we had limited time with perfect lighting as we met up after I got off of work.


I brought a couple outfits but nothing special. She brought LOTS of props! This was our first photo shoot with a professional and I pretty much drew a blank on ideas so we let her take the reigns. She had lots of ideas! First Bear was wearing a cute diaper cover on a colorful rug with a pretty headband. Lots of cute shots there! Then a little boy came over and asked if we could keep it down because his brother has Autism and is sensitive to certain sounds.

Next we switched covers and headbands and posed on a cute turquoise rocking chair that would fit in perfect with her bedroom color scheme! I didn’t get any behind the scenes shots on this one because I was on standby just out of frame to make sure she didn’t fall. It was really cute though cuz Bear was rocking the chair like a pro!

Next we moved to the other side of the pond where there were more trees and it had a more woodsy feel. First we tried to put her in this lovely vintage suitcase but couldn’t get the right balance so we scrapped that idea. Instead she posed inside a large basket with some fur in the bottom for comfort. She was able to sit great and we got some cute shots with her sock monkey!

Next we moved over to the hillside and laid out a blanket. Brought back the suitcase for some really cute poses. My favorite is where she’s reaching out for me out of frame like “mommy don’t go!”.


We also brought back the basket and she laid in there for a few shots. She looked like an angel surrounded by fur!

All in all it was a great shoot and I’m confident the pictures are going to be amazing!! Can’t wait to see them!!!

May 26th, 2013Month 6

This month I…

  • got an awesome splashy mat from Jessica!
  • went to Aunt Vicky’s wedding and met Great Grandma Spinjak and cousin Cara for the first time (among others!)
  • am learning peek-a-boo and think it’s HILARIOUS!
  • scooted for the first time on a playdate with Zach and Holly
  • went to camp for the first time and discovered grass
  • finally tasted my first solid – Rice Cereal
  • sit up really really good now!
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