January 30th, 2017National Puzzle Day!

Another that Bear was super excited about.  She mentioned it as soon as she woke up this morning.  And we did quite a few puzzles today. Some she even completed all on her own and with no frustrated mini-meltdowns!! Some new puzzles we did today were actually pretty tricky – this Star Wars set of 4 took us a little bit of time, especially the Darth Vader one!

Brookie was pretty excited about this one!

Despite my not-so-pretty first attempt, she said the pancakes were delicious and she loved them (and Me) !  Thankfully, after a quick google on flipping pancakes, the subsequent batches were MUCH better. Even tried my hand at some letters and hearts like my mom made for us growing up. All in all, after a rough start, National #BlueberryPancakeDay was a big success in this house!!

January 27th, 2017National Chocolate Cake day!!

People at work are really loving my little #CelebrateEveryDay surprises.  Today we got some new neighbors in my row at work so they were in for a sweet treat for National #ChocolateCakeDay!  Made Chocolate cupcakes this morning so they were nice and soft and fresh when everyone got to enjoy them.  Ours were chocolate frosted and the half Bear brought to school were chocolate or vanilla funfetti frosted and with pastel sprinkles she helped put on herself!! 

January 20th, 2017Happy National Popcorn Day!

This was our absolute favorite. We were planning for weeks, searching all the stores for more flavor seasonings and things. When the day came, Brookie decided she wanted to bring popcorn for all her friends at school. We popped three to four batches in our popcorn machine. She gave them white cheddar flavor and bagged them up in little baggies for each kid and both teachers and even passed them out in all their cubbies when we got to daycare. I brought in a nice big bucket and some bags and seasonings to work so everyone could decide which flavors they wanted. It was a big hit at work too! I sent out an email to my team telling them to help themselves and all the flavors available. A few people came back for seconds and everyone said our popcorn was delish!

January 12th, 2017#KissAGingerDay

National Kiss a Ginger day!

My mom actually emailed me at work to tell me which prompted me to do a search and started me on my Celebrate Every Day journey planning out fun national days to celebrate. This one was an easy one as pretty much every day is Kiss a Ginger day in our house. But spreading the love regardless…. Enjoy!

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