I’m pretty much an every day reader over at Scary Mommy and one day they had a contest for an awesome Personalized Photo Pillow from Stichagram. I entered and forgot all about it till maybe a week or so later when I got a random email saying I Won!!! Super pumped! Got a coupon code and started working on my pillow on my phone on a lunch break at work cuz I was that excited! Took a screenshot and finished it up when I got home. It was really easy and FUN to put it together. Works right with your InstaGram feed and you can even use your friends’ pictures but you have to ask for permission and I didn’t feel like waiting on that. Flash forward a week and a half (approx.) and my pillow is here!!

Personalized Photo Pillow from Stitchagram

Brookie checking out our new Personalized Photo Pillow from Stitchagram

I LOVE it!!! And the baby Bear loves it even more. She’s OBSESSED with it! She points at all the pictures asking who they are over and over and she’ll take it away if I try to lay on it and stuff. It’s beautiful and now I pretty much want 50 more! Mom saw it on Facebook and now she wants it too! So if you’re in the market for such things (who isn’t?!) I highly recommend them. LOVE it! Thanks Scary Mommy and Stichagram!!