January 11th, 2017New haircut!

It had been years since my last hair cut when I went to my friend Lynne at Mia Testerossa. She made me promise not to let it go that long again and said every 6 months at the latest I should at least get a trim. So just after New Years it was time to go again. I had been thinking it was time to go short again and this is what we came up with….

It’s finally short enough that I can do stuff with it like scrunch it up all fancy (LOL) like these pics. Everyone at work thought I had a hot date or something cuz I never do anything with my hair (don’t really know how) but it’s safe to say this hair cut was a great choice! Thanks again Lynne!

October 16th, 2012Coming soon

Once again I have decided to start over in this place… In a few short weeks I will be experiencing some major changes in my life and I want to start posting again to share some of these things… Look out for galleries with tons of pictures and lots of updates of the scary and exciting life and times of Jamie-Lynn the (soon-to-be) new Mom!!

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